Kingsnorth:Understanding of goals, competitive landscape and consumer needs is key

Kingsnorth:Understanding of goals, competitive landscape and consumer needs is key

TEHRAN (Bazaar)- Simon Kingsnorth in interview with Bazaar News Agency said: An understanding of your goals, competitive landscape and consumer needs is key.

Simon Kingsnorth is a digital marketing expert with 20 years experience across all areas of digital and most offline channels.

He is also the author of the international best-seller Digital Marketing Strategy, now in it’s second edition.

He is also a strategy expert and experienced consultant who has helped many leading brands develop and implement marketing strategies. His company, Simon Kingsnorth Ltd, helps business with everything from global brand strategies to Google Ads management.

Following is the full text of the interview:

Bazaar: What are the factors needed for good digital marketing?

Kingsnorth : As with all marketing, good planning is essential. An understanding of your goals, competitive landscape and consumer needs is key. Alongside this a thorough understanding of search algorithms and social media trends is essential. Content is a key area of marketing today and so creative thinking and some level of consumer psychology also plays a big part. For effective advertising you need to appreciate the channels in detail and how to optimise a users journey. For web or app design you need to be able to develop fast, intuitive and meaningful experiences. Finally, for winning, keep and growing audiences you need to develop smart marketing automation processes that build on trends and behaviours to offer real value through direct communications with your audiences

Kingsnorth:Understanding of goals, competitive landscape and consumer needs is key.

Bazaar: How does digital marketing impact business improvement?

Kingsnorth :We live in an age where digital permeates everything. It is impossible to improve a business without considering digital. Tv is digital, press is digital, even word of mouth happens through digital channels. To truly drive improvement in your business you need to digitise and digitalise every aspect of the company. Every single consumer has a digital experience to some degree and so you must cater for that. This gives you better visibility of your customers and their needs and behaviours as well as efficiency savings in the operations of your organisation.

Bazaar: How can businesses get ROI from digital marketing?

Kingsnorth :If run in an integrated way then ROI is virtually guaranteed with digital marketing. Low cost channels such as SEO and social media can perform extremely well with minimal investment as they rely on effective technical optimisation, quality content and external interest (inbound linking). If linked effectively with your PR and advertising then these channels can build on each other to deliver a halo effect of heightened performance. Measuring this through the wealth of data and tools available can demonstrate the clear improvements in ROI and customer lifetime value that is obtained from the digital marketing ecosystem.

Bazaar: What are the positive factors of digital marketing vs traditional marketing?

Kingsnorth :Ultimately this question is disappearing. All marketing has a digital marketing route. The visibility, accountability, targeting, flexibility, cost and speed of digital marketing are all considerable improvements that marketers now experience over the days before digital marketing but the fact is that today there is no traditional and digital. There is only marketing, some of which is more digital than other areas. Every channel has it’s benefits. For example pure offline direct marketing may reach audiences that social media marketing will not. It is more expensive but, for this reason potentially more valuable dependent on your audience and goals. Digital marketing is dead. Long live digital marketing.

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