Blokdijk:its effect on the economy, but ALSO on civil liberties

Blokdijk:its effect on the economy, but ALSO on civil liberties

Tehran(Bazaar)- Gerard Blokdijk in interview with Bazaar News Agency said: measure and predict the effects of legislation and security policies not just on cybersecurity and its effect on the economy, but ALSO on civil liberties.

Gerard Blokdijk,Founder and CEO at The Art of Service . the Art of Service is a Management Consultancy Company started in 2000, servicing clients across the globe with our enterprise-class assessment, management, and mitigation tools.

With 300+ Academic Citations our work is in the top 1.8% of most cited work worldwide.

Our Self Assessment Toolkits help you identify your blind spots and accelerate compliance as you lead your organization through risk. Leverage the knowledge within your organization to increase the success of your process and project management initiatives.

Bazaar: What have been the biggest cyber threats over the years?

Blokdijk :The threat one can not see. There are threats you protect yourselves against, what you will tolerate for the sake of efficiency, and what risk will remain exposed simply because you cannot overcome the policy problems to fix it.

Uncertainty if the allocation of intelligence collection and analytical resources to assess the threat to an organizations cyber assets and operations commensurate with its growing dependence and vulnerability.

There needs to be a balance in proactive hunting with reactive identification of emerging threats, and continuously monitoring for persistence mechanisms to hold off repeat or attack variants.

Know if you are being targeted, identify emerging threats in your industry or geography with enough time and context to implement proactive controls.

Bazaar:What should governments do to prevent cyber threats?

Blokdijk :Computer intrusions are a threat to society because if you can have intrusions for an economic gain, cyberterrorists will definitely do that for a political gain.

Make training opportunities available to owners and operators to understand the various risks to their government infrastructure and the measures taken to mitigate against physical and cyber threats.

Get confident that consistent implementation of the best available cybersecurity technologies, policies and practices will enable government to prevent all breaches and coordinate sharing the information with the Federal Government so that Government and regulators can be proactive when it comes to cyber threats. This ensures threat information sharing in government evolves.

Ensure you provide cyber strategies, governance and architecture, monitoring, threat identification, risk mitigation, and proactive cyber hunt and response activities.

Bazaar: What measures should be taken by organizations for working from home? (for preventing threats)

Blokdijk :Make employees aware of appropriate channels for reporting cyber/information security incidents that they may identify while working from home. Build a frame work for identifying, detecting, protecting and responding to cyber threats and train your workers to recognize and respond to cyber threats.

However, how can an organization manage and expect individual workers to implement both fundamental technical and high level cybersecurity measures against evolving emerging threats emanating from the IoT.

The organization needs to administer and maintain security systems in the cybersecurity security operations center (CSOC) technology stack, including the security information and event management (SIEM) environment; OT and IT network intrusion detection systems (IDS); endpoint detection and response (EDR) tool; security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR); cyber threat intelligence platform (TIP); and full packet capture (PCAP) servers across its service territory.

Bazaar: How does cyber security affect economy?

Blokdijk :It's broader than this; measure and predict the effects of legislation and security policies not just on cybersecurity and its effect on the economy, but ALSO on civil liberties. It is also necessary to help your organization understand and recognize economically driven threats so it can balance the economic benefits with the threat posed to sustainability.

Government needs to ask itself what is being done to transition toward an approach that fully integrates cybersecurity practices and technologies into the systems that are so critical to the economy and national security. It needs to hone in on skills in uncovering and describing the long term trends in how cybersecurity interacts with broader trends in politics, the economy and society.

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