Tom Taulli: A huge of artificial intelligent challenge is data

Tom Taulli: A huge of artificial intelligent challenge is data

Tehran(Bazaar):Tom Taulli in interview with Bazaar News Agency said:A huge challenge is data. First of all, it is not easy to get high-quality data.

Tom Taulli , Author, investor and advisor, is a developer and writer. He has been a writer for publications like,, Kiplinger and BusinessWeek. He has also written a variety of books, including Artificial Intelligence Basics and The Robotic Process Automation Handbook.

Bazaar: How does artificial intelligence affect the efficiency of industries?

Taulli :Automation is one of the key benefits of AI. The technology processes large amounts of data to detect patterns, which can provide important insights. One common example is predictive maintenance. If you have an oil rig, there are many components and parts. If even a small one fails, this can disrupt the operations, which can cost millions of dollars. But with AI, the models can anticipate these problems and allow for quick and low-cost fixes.

Bazaar: What are the important factors in the better performance of artificial intelligence in business?

Taulli :AI is not one-and-done. You just do not launch a model and let it do its thing. AI needs monitoring, such as by frequently evaluating the accuracy and results. There are emerging new systems, like MLOps, that manages this processes. They will track the performance and provide alerts. In some cases, the changes may be automated.

Bazaar: What measures should governments take to facilitate the use of industrial intelligence?

Taulli :Government has always played an important role with AI. For example, in the US, the federal government has provided funding to educational institutions. This has allowed for innovations like machine learning and deep learning. But the government can also be critical in using AI. This can greatly increase efficiency and lower costs.

Bazaar: What are challenges in using AI for organizations?

Taulli :A huge challenge is data. First of all, it is not easy to get high-quality data. Next, even if you have a solid dataset, it is probably not clean. There often needs to be lots of wrangling of the data, say to weed out the outliers, duplications, missing data and so on. Another big issue with AI is privacy. People generally do not want their personal information to be used for technologies. So companies and governments have to be mindful of this. Also, AI can lead to unfair outcomes. A case of this is with using the technology to screen new job applicants or approving loans. If the algorithms are skewed, it can mean that people are denied jobs or financial benefits.

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